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1.How to enter phone numbers and extension?
Enter two or more phone numbers
When you enter two or more phone numbers, please use "/"、","、";”to separate.
Enter extension
When you enter extension, please use"-".Example: 87654321-123
2. How does private write the name of company?
3. Why the registration system notice incorrect when you enter an email address?
The correct email format is: user name@ domain name
Example: info@gogostone.com
If the system notice you the address is incorrect, please check your input method is English and the switch between SBC case & DBC case.
Notice: Please check your email address is correct, because the email is a very important way for clients to contact you.
If you don’t have an email, you can apply for a free email address at sina.com sohu.com or 163.com etc.
4. Why the password can not be accepted when I’m registering?
The possible reason is:
The length of password you entered is sub-standard.
The password should be 6-20 characters,too long or too short can not be accepted by system.
The password you entered including informal character.
The password should be made by letters and numbers. The system can not accept punctuation, such as: blank, *, @, etc.



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