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To buy granite grave stones

Post Time : 2023/11/18

I am looking for a granite grave stones offer with a request for 3CM thickness. The request is for 1 set, meaning 1 product made up of a list of pieces. I have attached a list with the pieces that we need to be cut to size and to have chamfers on the edge to create some graves. We have a specific grave design that we build, and we need material from you or another supplier. The chamfered edge should be 7 mm wide, at a 45-degree angle, resulting in 5 mm on each edge. Please refer to the attached pictures for clarification. The grave must be 3CM thick, and the material color should be compact and without cracks or defects. We need material suitable for outdoor use that doesn't rust or develop particular spots over time. Colors needed: grey, dark grey, brown, red, black Thickness of material: 3CM Material: Granite Packaging: Each dimension should be packed separately, but all pieces must be numbered for each grave. For example, pieces must be numbered as 1-A, 1-B (grave number one, piece A, B, C, D). Quantity: Minimum 1-2 containers per order. (Until project estimate finalization, we will require more than 10,000 graves) Please consider that the grave design is patented.

granite grave stones
    granite grave stones

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