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Clean Granite Bathroom Countertops

( Date: 2012/9/4 17:35:26 )

Granite is a gorgeous, natural stone that can take any bathroom from ordinary to extraordinary.  Granite has earned a very good reputation in recent years, making it the most popular counter choice in bathrooms around the country.  Granite bathroom countertops are each unique onto themselves, making them like a work of art in each bathroom.  Because they are durable, granite is the perfect material to use for your bathroom countertops, but you must know how to clean granite bathroom countertops to maintain their beauty and keep them looking like new.

Tips On How to Clean Granite Bathroom Countertops


Once you have made the investment in gorgeous granite countertops in your bathroom, it is important to understand how to properly clean them.  They are very easy to maintain, but missing any of the simple steps could spell disaster for your granite.


                                           Clean Granite Bathroom Countertops                    

Daily Cleaning – Exercising a daily routine with your granite countertops will ensure their long lasting beauty.  Simply wiping your countertops down with a soft cloth such as a microfiber cloth will keep the luster and beauty alive in your countertops.  On days that the bathroom gets a lot of use, a simple wipe down with warm water will clean it well.  After wiping the counter down with water, make sure to thoroughly dry it.  Any water that is left behind will build up and leave a residue that eventually takes away from the beauty of your granite.


Weekly Cleaning – On a weekly basis, cleaning bathroom countertops that are made of granite should consist of a deeper cleaning.  This can be done with a commercial granite countertop cleaner with a neutral pH.  It can also be done with a much less expensive, homemade cleaner.  All you need is a spray bottle, water, a few drops of mild dish soap and a few drops of rubbing alcohol.  Mix all of the ingredients in the spray bottle and apply to one section at a time.  Rub the mixture in using circular motions and then rinse clean.  Always ensure that you completely dry the countertop after cleaning it.


Cleaning Stains – In the event that a spill or stain gets onto your granite, simply apply a mixture of water, a few teaspoons of baking soda and a few drops of dish soap.  Mix the ingredients until you have a paste-like consistency.  Rub this mixture onto the stain in a circular motion.  Cover the spot with plastic wrap and allow it to sit overnight.  In the morning, simply remove the plastic wrap and thoroughly rinse and dry the spot.


Common Items that Spill on Granite Bathroom Countertops


Bathrooms are the home of many different grooming items, leaving potential for stains on your countertops.  The common bathroom nuisances include hairspray, toothpaste and soap scum.  These are all daily hazards in the bathroom that require cleaning up.  If they are cleaned up right away, the process is usually pretty simple.  Hairspray in particular can leave a heavy residue behind.  If this is not cleaned up right away, the residue will buildup over time, completely taking away from the shine in your bathroom.


Another common culprit in the bathroom is mold and mildew.  Because bathrooms are typically warm and damp, they are a breeding ground for germs.  After each use in the bathroom, make sure that the counter is wiped down and that no germs were left behind.  Any time heavy use occurs or a lot of water was used, simply spray your counter down with your homemade cleaner in the spray bottle and thoroughly clean your granite bathroom countertops.  This will ensure the long lasting beauty of your countertops.


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