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Prodim Factory – Smart Photo Calibration

( Date: 2020/11/5 9:26:23 )

Prodim Factory – Smart Photo Calibration

Now with AUTOMATIC Lens and Perspective corrections for digital slab creation!

Prodim Factory makes automatic lens and perspective corrections every single time. There is no need for periodic camera “grid” calibration. From users of systems with a fixed camera set up and green screen, this “grid” calibration was the single most heard complaint in the market.

The most heard complaint was that was a lengthy cumbersome operation and the users never new when they were required to do it again. This need is irregular and usually comes up after a problem.

Prodim Factory automatically corrects each time you take a picture making this obsolete.

The advantages are manifold: The user saves time not having to “grid” calibrate; the overall accuracy is higher since every picture is separately corrected thus enabling better nesting and better vein matching; decreases errors and insecurity as the user is not left in doubt.

Prodim is dedicated to keep making its Factory solutions the best and easiest to use. Next to its innovative Draw Advanced for easy “as-is” multiplane design. Slab creator now adds another bar raising innovation to the list.


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