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Crete, the New Terracotta-Look Collection by Cerdomus

( Date: 2022/7/18 17:07:46 )

Crete, the New Terracotta-Look Collection by Cerdomus

Each Cerdomus collection corresponds to the vision of a place, the pleasure of living and experiencing an environment -- an infinite world of living possibilities to express one's personality and feel the space integrated into our life. Crete is a porcelain stoneware collection with digital technology that interprets environments with the vividness of colors, inspired by the fire of the earth, pure craftsmanship as an element of uniqueness in nature. The collection features seven colors, 10 formats and three different finishes, which can adapt with personality to any project. Crete is available in an array of shapes that combine with each other and expand up to 120- x 280-cm slabs. 

From: tile-magazine

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