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Maxdrill Down The Hole Bit
Maxdrill Down The Hole Bit
Maxdrill Down The Hole Bit
Product's Name :

Maxdrill Down The Hole Bit

Model No. : 152mm50FF
Detail : Because of economy and powerful drilling capacity, down the hole hammer become an advanced drilling tool for drilling and mining industries. Down the hole hammers and drill bits are designed together to work in perfect unison, giving high penetration rates, long service life and low costs.
1. Deliver maximum energy to drilling bit, fast drilling speed and low air consumption due to the special inner structure of HD series DTH hammer designed according to newest rock drilling theory.
2. Smooth performance and long service life of HD series DTH hammer due to high quality alloy steel materials and advanced processing technology adapted.
3. Low problem rate and easy to maintenance due to simple , reliable and easy assemble and disassemble inner structure of hammer.
4. Easy to depart bit from hammer due to multihead thread connecting chuck and cylinder of hammer.
5. Interchangeable with DTH bit and drill pipe
Low pressure and high pressure hammers are available in our company.
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