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F—1 Organosilicon Stone Waterproofing Agent (Dissolvent)
F—1 Organosilicon Stone Waterproofing Agent (Dissolvent)
Product's Name :

F—1 Organosilicon Stone Waterproofing Agent (Dissolvent)

Model No. : F—1
Detail :

Solvent oil solution of organosilane and siloxane compound


Quick reaction, good penetration and chemical combination with stone to form airing water proofing screen. Long water proofing service, good recoating, can be used to wet surface; suitable to low, middle and high grade granites and marbles for the protection of hexahedral surface. The appearance of the stones will not be changed by and large. When it is used to sandstone, S-1 sandstone treating agent should be coated first and then use F-1 organosilicon stone protection agents. It can make the water absorbing ratio of the white and off-white stones reduce by over 95%.


It is determined according to different stones: generally speaking, each 1kg F-1 can be coated on an area of about 20 m2

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