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BLU GLUEPOX combines all the characteristics of BLU mastic and the convenience of a dispensing gun. BLU mastic is a styrene-free product, nearly odourless, composed of unsaturated polyester resins and high boiling methacrylic solvents. Beyond low dangerousness and low health and environment impact, BLU products ensure an adhesive power comparable with much higher hazardous epoxy systems. BLU GLUEPOX glues porcelain gres, stoneware, granite, marble but also wood, glass, stainless steel and galvanised metals.

BLU products do not warp the supports, indeed they glue styrofoam without bend it. Moreover they are characterized by a null volumetric shrinkage.

Company Name : ILPA ADESIVI
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Product/Service : RESIN,MASTIC,WAXES
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