How to sell?

Register GOGO member→Create company profile→To search buyers
There are two ways to search the buyers:
1.Search the buyers yourself
2.Let the buyers search you

Search the buyers yourself

Step1.Find buying leads

>Search by search engine
Input the product name which you want to sell in search engine as a key word, choose “Buying Leads” to search, click the links to view the detailed information in search results.
Tips:You can change another name of this product as a key word to search again, if the search results can not satisfy you.

>Search in the list of buying leads
Click the “Buying leads” on homepage, to browse all the buying leads, to search trade opportunities.

Step2.Contact buyers

>via message online system
Please click "To buy granites" , at the bottom of this buying leads, click "Leave a message" to quote online

At My GOGO, to check the mail in inbox and reply. (Sign in My GOGO→My Message)

>via Email, telephone or fax
Sign in your member ID, then you can view the company’s detailed contact information:email,telephone number,etc.

Let buyers search you

Step1. Post products

>To post products
Sign in My GOGO, click “Products” → “Post New Products”, Fill in Product Name, Model No, Origin and Industry, then describe your products in detail, upload product pictures, then click the button “Post Now” to post this product.

Click “Product”→“Management” to open the list of products you have posted, where you can modify, delete and resend the products.

Tips: -Clear picture and detailed information will give you a high credibility, which is helpful for you to catch more trade opportunities.
-Resend the product frequently to renovate post date to get a front place in the list.

Step2. Waiting for the buyer’s inquiry and reply

The buyers will inquire you via message online system, Email,telephone or fax, when they see the products which they are interested in.
Remember to check your Message of My GOGO and your email, reply the mail as soon as possible.